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Alsace Grand Cru Zinnkoepflé Riesling 2020

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Data sheet

Our Zinnkoepflé is vastly aromatic but still focused on its “terroir” (soil)

Our Riesling possesses a beautiful citrusy elegance. The palate is ample but remains dry and straight in the final notes, perfectly balanced by an acidity typical from lime and standstony soils A soft and slightly acid & saline aftertaste which requires a good oxygenation. So patience! Pair with fine flesh fish, meat with sweet & sour sauce and certain exotic meals with spices.

DRYNESS/SWEETNESS SCALE (*): 1“DRY WINE”. A technically dry wine with a dry tasting feel.

(*) this is the European Union scale ranking wines per region from 1 (dry) to 5 sweet 

Exposure : South, South-East
Elevation : Between 290 and 310 m
Soil : Calcaro-Gréseux
Serving Temperature : 10°C
Aging : 3-8 years
Dryness / Sweetness : Vin sec
Other informations
Content : 750 ml
Alcohol : 13,5%