Vintage 2015

Winter 2014/2015 was dry and mild. Early bud break occurred mid-April with an accelerated growth of the vines due to higher than average rain falls in May.

With warm months of June, July until early August and slightly drier than usual months we were expecting an early harvest (similar to 2007). The lack of water in August had however an effect on filtering soils and on acidity often low and with higher sugar. Globally 2015 has reached maturity levels comparable to the great vintages of these last years.

It was crucial to start harvest early enough to avoid acidity drop so we started early September to finish end of October. Grapes were in an excellent sanitary condition and 2015 should produce beautiful dry wines.

Fermentations were globally fast with the exception of late harvest grapes harvested in October. After a long aging, most of the wines avec gained raciness and personality, some surprisingly so: great year for Gewurtzraminer and Pinot Noir. Globally 2015 is a vintage that delivered expressive wines with great minerality and a good aging potential.

Racine numero 2


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