Vintage 2013

2013 was a succession of very dry and very wet periods.

The long winter pushed the budding to end of April, which made of 2013 one of the latest vintages of the last 10 years. A gloomy month of May delayed the blossoming from mid to end June for the latest plots. In July, a hot and dry weather finally arrived which allowed the vines to do some needed catch up. The very dry weather that followed that summer helped prevent any disease and only in early September did we register some heavy rain, actually welcomed in the vineyards.

The development of sugar in the grapes was very slow and the acid content very high with low PH levels, but with healthy dry conditions the vineyard was able to catch up a large part of the delay due to the long lasting winter.


Harvest started September 26 with the Crémant grapes. This was a good call since a violent storm on October 5 interrupted the harvest and the remaining of it was done under very uncertain and fluctuating conditions: dry and rainy days alternating. A drop in temperature helped hold the rot spreading but made the sugar development difficult.

yield and wine were essential to obtain quality wines.

By end of October hot dry winds made the production our late harvest a difficult task.

The grapes harvested early went through a quick fermentation but due to the significant acid levels and low pH, most of our wines went through a slower fermentation. The juices were very aromatic and had a great freshness. We can conclude today that our 2013 vintage were big and elegant with good aging potential and preserved from Botrytis.

Racine numero 2


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