Our northern climate, our 7 Alsatian varietals, our clay-limestone soil have shaped centuries of our vineyards and brought our traditional wines to our glasses worldwide.


Moltes winery, an organic farming vineyard.

After a very positive first attempt in organic farming the estate has made the jump in 2012. Today all our vineyards are 100% organic. The results are very compelling in terms of quality of our wines: they offer more authenticity and minerality.

Respecting organic farming requirements is a thorough and structured task; a poor crop management in organic farming can be very harmful to the vine and consequently to the quality of the wines. We are therefore fully invested and committed to this type of farming

2015 was a milestone for our winery. This harvest was our first organic vintage. It was an ambitious and successful bet, given the quality of this last harvest. This strengthens our decision to work the earth in harmony and leave it unharmed for future generations. “Organic farming is meant for the welfare of all.”

“From year to year, we work tirelessly to develop our wines: bring more “finesse”, more minerality and bring out an authentic taste. We are determined to follow this path and make organic farming  a major player in our winemaking.”

Our organic certification logo:


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