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Alsace Terroir Gewurztraminer Steinstück 2017 BIO

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Data sheet

Dense and deep light green dress This wine will seduce you with his fine and complex aromas of acacia flowers, tangerine, rose and cinnamon. Beautiful harmony and smoothness on the palate, all rounded in elegance. The wine can be drunk alone or paired with duck foie gras, curry based dishes, cheese like Munster and fruit tart.

DRYNESS/SWEETNESS SCALE (*): 3 “SEMI DRY WINE” ; a wine with a sweetness felt when the wine is young and that will progressively recede with wine aging.

(*) this is the European Union scale ranking wines per region from 1 (dry) to 5 sweet

Exposure : East, South-East
Elevation : Between 210 and 310 m
Soil : Clay and silt
Serving Temperature : 8°C
Aging : 3-6 years
Dryness / Sweetness : 3
Other informations
Content : 750 ml