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Alsace Tradition Riesling 2021 BIO

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Fresh color and crystalline brightness, light green blending into lemon yellow and with a beautiful intensity. The nose is fresh, direct, aromatic, fruity and floral. It evokes perfumes of linden flowers, limes, citruses and with a light mineral touch characteristic of this “strong personality” varietal. A dry, bright, lively and thirst quenching wine, supported by a delicate acidity, a good palatability and a fruity finish. This is a racy wine with a beautiful typicality and disposition that many will appreciate. Pair with seafood, shellfish, fish carpaccio, marinated or grilled fish, fish dishes with light gravy.

DRYNESS/SWEETNESS SCALE (*): 1DRY WINE”. A technically dry wine with a dry tasting feel

(*) this is the European Union scale ranking wines per region from 1 (dry) to 5 sweet

Exposure : East, South-East
Elevation : Between 210 and 310 m
Soil : Silt-clay
Serving Temperature : 10°C
Aging : 2-3 years
Dryness / Sweetness : 1
Other informations
Content : 750 ml