Vintage 2019

After a fairly mild winter, cold and humidity set in from March to mid-April, delaying the budburst of the vines. The month of May was particularly cool with a few frosts, fortunately without consequences. These bad weather conditions contributed to the slowing down of the growth of the vines.

From the second half of June, dry and very hot weather finally settled in our wine-growing village. Thanks to the summer conditions, the growth of the vine was sustained. Nevertheless, due to the very high temperatures in July and a persistent drought, some sectors of our terroirs suffered from hydric stress, thus impacting a loss of the harvest.

Elsewhere, fortunately, the rains of August brought the water that the vines needed so much. The veraison was finally quite early, making up for the delay in flowering.

Harvest conditions were absolutely exceptional. The hot, dry weather during the month of September contributed to the perfect ripening of the grapes and the good sugar/acidity balance. The harvest of our AOC Alsace and Alsace Grands Crus wines lasted one month from September 12th. The exceptional sanitary quality was preserved and perfectly managed, despite the few rains recorded at the end of September and beginning of October.

Racine numero 2


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