Vintage 2018

During this vintage, the climatic conditions were exceptional ! During the first 7 months, Alsace recorded the equivalent of a whole year of rainfall, allowing the soils to replenish their water reserves. In spite of these numerous rainfalls, the vine’s vegetative cycle went well.

The sanitary state of the 2018 vintage was exceptional. The summer saw the return of more stable, warmer and above all drier climatic conditions. From the end of July, temperatures soared, causing even on the lightest terroirs a slowdown in ripening. The few episodes of hail had hardly any consequences.

Towards the end of August, rare rains came to relieve the vines, allowing the grapes to reach perfect maturity.

The beginning of the harvest was relatively early, on September 1st for Domaine MOLTES. The conditions of the harvest were exceptional, perfect quality and quantity being at the rendezvous. But precocity does not rhyme with rapidity, so we took our time so that our grapes are at the desired maturity. Indeed, thanks to the great weather conditions and the optimal sanitary state of the grapes, the harvest was spread out over two months, allowing us to manage the maturities and acidities as well as possible.

To conclude, the year 2018 could have been low in yield, but in the end, it is a fine vintage both in quality and quantity for us.

Racine numero 2


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